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Managed Inventory Programs

Managed Inventory Programs

Managed Inventory Programs offer an easy and viable way to control your pallet and crating inventory and reduce costs. The program basically monitors your usage trends so you can calculate the quantity of pallets or crates you need in inventory and estimate accurate future purchases.

For example, if your average usage is 20 pallets per day and you want at least a 5-day supply in-house (100 pallets), then put 200 pallets on the ground. Reason: as soon as the first 100 have been used, begin using the second 100 but place another order for 200. By the time your order of 200 is delivered you should be well into using up that second 100 that you had in inventory.

These programs are also known as Kanban. We offer several Managed Inventory Program options and would be glad to work with you to design, implement and maintain the program to best fit your operation. Program options are outlined below.

Added Benefits of a Managed Inventory Program

1. It ensures you don’t carry excess inventory of pallets or crates which take up space unnecessarily. Excess inventory is money sitting on the ground.

2. Conversely, the program also ensures your inventory is covered and you don’t run short of pallets or crates. This can be very costly if you have to delay shipping or temporarily shut down manufacturing.

3. Periodically this may even lower your pallet price because of ordering a larger quantity.

4. All manufacturing schedules fluctuate. A Managed Inventory Program will provide you the accountability and flexibility to adjust your in-house pallet and crating inventory accordingly and modify your upcoming purchases. When manufacturing orders decline, simply reduce your pallet purchases. Without a managed program, if you incur a downturn in business, you could suddenly find yourself sitting on 3 times the quantity of pallets you need.

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