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What products and services do you offer?

Alliance Forest Products is your single source for pallet and crating solutions by offering:


Can you provide heat treating service for overseas shipments?

Yes. For any pallets, crating or industrial lumber being shipped overseas, your cargo will be ISPM 15 compliant with the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) stamp requirement.

Can you design a shipping box or crate to ship our product(s) in?

We specialize in custom wood packaging and crating design for shipment all over the world using AutoCAD© Software. Our complete wood packaging and crating services will take you from design to shipment. We also offer on-site assistance by coming to your facility to work with your shipping and engineering team.

Do you sell used pallets?

Yes. We offer complete pallet recycling services that enable us to supply used wood pallets in a variety of sizes and types, as a low-cost alternative for our customers. Used pallets are obtained through a variety of sources including pallet and scrap removals from our customers. We can supply used pallets with the following options:

Used Pallets & Skids

Once removals are sorted, used pallets in good condition are placed immediately into inventory for resale. Pallets needing a minor repair (a board replaced) are repaired using recycled lumber, then placed into inventory.

Recycled Pallets

Pallets too damaged to repair are completely disassembled for the usable boards. This recycled lumber is used to build remanufactured (“reman”) pallets. These are pallets built from scratch using all used, recycled lumber. Reman pallets can be ordered built to spec and are yet another cost-saving alternative. Recycled lumber is also used for repairing used pallets.

“Combo” Pallets

A third low-cost option is a combination pallet which is built from scratch using a combination of new and recycled lumber. Combo pallets can also be ordered built to spec. All used, recycled and combo pallets are structurally sound, are available in quantities large or small and all can be Heat Treated for export shipment.

Do you sell engineered, industrial lumber, and can it be ordered precut?

We offer a wide range of industrial lumber and wood panels, all of which can be cut to size, drilled or notched. We can meet virtually any lumber requirement at very competitive prices.

What is the average turnaround time once we place an order?

Depending on the product, it will vary. If it’s a used pallet in stock, we could turn it around next day. For custom new pallets, the average lead time is 7-10 working days. Longer lead times are required for manufacturing an intricate custom pallet, box or crate, or if special lumber has to be ordered.

Do you provide on-site assistance if necessary?

Alliance Forest Products prides itself on excellent customer service and quick response. We’re available and accessible to provide personal service, including on-site assistance to work with your team, or to act quickly for urgent wood packaging requirements.

Can your company establish a schedule to perform wood pallet & scrap removals?

Yes! Doing so also helps us support sustainability by recycling most of the wood pallets we haul out. Depending on the frequency of removals we can establish one of two programs. For periodic scrap pallet removals, we can schedule a “live load” per your request. For regular and ongoing removals, we can schedule to have an empty trailer dropped at your dock. Then once you notify us the trailer is full, we’ll schedule a “drop and hook.” We’ll have an empty trailer brought into your facility, then we’ll hook up to the full trailer of scrap pallets and haul them out.

Can we just have a pallet and scrap removal done without buying pallets?

Yes, we’ll assess your removal contents, provide you options, then outline solutions for a mutually agreeable program for scheduling just a scrap removal.

Can your company place a trailer here in our dock for scrap removal?

Yes. We can design a program to meet your requirements and if dropping a trailer and scheduling a “drop and hook” program is the most viable option, we will do so.

What Managed Inventory Control programs do you offer?

Alliance Forest Products can provide several cost-effective solutions to assist with inventory control and “just in time” delivery. Vendor Managed Inventory, Customer Managed Inventory & Stock-on-the-Ground programs can be designed, implemented and maintained for maximum cost control. Managed inventory programs track usage trends to provide accurate inventory control to avoid having excess inventory on the ground. Conversely these programs also assure that you never run short of pallets or crates either. This can be costly if you have to shut down manufacturing or shipping.

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