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Scrap Pallet Removal

A typical scrap pallet removal
Our typical scrap pallet removal
Repaired pallets for resale
Repaired pallets for resale
But pallets tossed in dumpsters...But pallets tossed in dumpsters... ...ultimately end up in landfills!...ultimately end up in landfills!

Scrap Pallet Removal

✔Scrap pallet removals by box truck or semitrailer

✔Scrap pallet removals by 40 yard roll off container

✔On-site grinding of scrap pallets, crates and wood waste at your facility (for more information, please click back to our home page and under “SERVICES” click On-Site Wood Recycling

✔There is a 100 pallet minimum for any scrap pallet removals or recycling service

Wood Recycling Costs

The cost for any wood recycling service or removal is determined on a case by case basis, factoring in travel distance, estimated time required, personnel required, quantity of material, quality of material, mix of material, etc. However, a charge may be waived if most of the pallets are 48 x 40 with 4-way entry and in good or repairable condition

Scrap Pallet Removal Processess

Recycling is a major focus for companies nationwide and covers a wide spectrum of products and materials. Many manufacturing companies not only use green practices; they’ve created a department within their company whose primary function is recycling of their waste and refuse. Alliance Forest Products created and strives to maintain sustainability as our Green commitment to the environment. Our primary goal is to:

Recycle as many pallets, crates and loose lumber as possible in order to
reduce the amount of wood waste currently being hauled out to landfills.

Our recycling efforts begin with us scheduling wood pallet and scrap removals as an added service to our customers that purchase pallets. Most removals are for used and damaged wood pallets, but some also contain scrap lumber. However, all loose lumber must be placed in a crate or container that can be forklifted in and out of a trailer.

We can haul out scrap pallets either scheduling a “live load” in a trailer or a 40 yard roll off container at your facility. We can also establish a “drop and hook” removal program. We’d drop an empty trailer in your dock, then when you notify us the trailer is full, we’d bring another empty trailer in and haul out the full trailer. A “drop and hook” program can also be scheduled with pallet deliveries. We can deliver a trailer of pallets in your dock and leave that trailer there. Once you unload it, you can load your scrap pallets in it. Upon our next delivery we’ll again drop the delivery trailer of pallets, then hook up and haul out the scrap pallet trailer.

NOTE: All “drop and hook” programs for customers not currently buying pallets, are totally dependent on the amount of time it takes to fill a trailer or roll off container.

Pallet Recycling Initiatives

Wood pallet and scrap removals are unloaded and sorted. Used pallets in good condition are immediately placed into inventory for resale. Pallets requiring a minor repair (such as replacing a broken board) are repaired, then placed into inventory for resale. Pallets too damaged to repair are disassembled. The salvaged boards are then used to repair used pallets and build “remanufactured” and "combo" pallets (below).

Boards and scrap lumber that can’t be salvaged, go to a grinder where they are ground into material for mulch or wood pellets to be burned for fuel, thus returning it to earth in a natural and biodegradable form. Both processes represent a 100% recycling effort.

We supply used, repaired and recycled pallets as a low-cost alternative for our customers. This is a great option when it’s cargo that’s not required to be on a new pallet; or if you’re shipping cargo out once and you won’t get the pallet returned.

Used and Repaired Pallets:Are obtained primarily through scrap pallet removals from our customers that buy pallets. The good pallets are sorted out for resale. Although these pallets have been used, they’re not "used up.” They’re structurally sound and can be heat treated for export

Remanufactured ("Remain) Pallets:")Pallets built from scratch using a combination of new and recycled lumber. Reman and Combo pallets can be built to size or spec, are structurally sound and both can be Heat Treated for export shipment.

Combination ("Combo) Pallets:")Pallets built from scratch using a combination of new and recycled lumber. Reman and Combo pallets can be built to size or spec, are structurally sound and both can be Heat Treated for export shipment.

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