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Used Wood Pallets and Skids

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Used Wood Pallets

Alliance Forest Products offers used and recycled pallets in a variety of sizes and types as a low-cost alternative for our customers. We obtain used pallets from various sources including wood pallet and scrap removals from our customers. Once scrap removals are unloaded and sorted, good used pallets are put into inventory for immediate resale.

Pallets requiring a minor repair (such as replacing a broken board) are repaired, then placed into inventory for resale. Pallets beyond repair are disassembled for the usable boards and stringers. This recycled lumber is then used to repair used pallets. Used pallets are structurally sound and offer a cost-effective option if your company is shipping out a product once and not getting the pallet back. Used pallets can also be Heat Treated for export shipment.

Companies nationwide use green practices as their commitment to the environment with an overall goal to send as little wood waste as possible to landfills. All lumber not recyclable, is ground into mulch and sold, returning it to earth in a biodegradable and natural form. Wood waste can also be ground into wood pellets and sold to be burned for fuel. Both processes are the basis of our sustainability efforts.

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