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Custom Crating Design

Custom Crating Design Custom Crating Design Custom Crating Design Custom Crating Design

New Crating Design

Alliance Forest Products offers custom wood packaging and crating design services to help you meet virtually any shipping requirement, domestic or overseas. AutoCAD© Engineering Software is used for virtually all of our designs of shipping boxes and crates. It is the leading 2-D and 3-D computer-aided software application used to design the most durable and cost-effective box or crate. It enables us to supply you with critical data, recommendations, options and solutions for design, materials, lumber species, assembly and government regulations for compliance for export shipments.

We can provide package engineering services down to the finest detail. We’re accessible and available for on-site assistance at your facility, or to answer any questions. We’ll work with your packaging and shipping group to ensure your cargo will be packaged and shipped safely and cost-effectively. For overseas shipments, we’ll make certain the box or crate we provide meets all government requirements for heat treating export shipments for ISPM-15 compliance, including the IPPC stamp.

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Alliance Forest Products also offers custom wood packaging options including the following unique, specialty designs to address specific shipping needs:

We offer a variety of design solutions for shipping fragile cargo. Manufacturing options are available to reduce or eliminate transit vibrations. Interiors can be lined or padded to assure your products arrive at their final destination safely and undamaged.

Using collapsible and returnable boxes is a cost-saving alternative for your packaging and crating requirements. They can be custom designed with removals sides, ends and tops so they can be disassembled and returned to you for reuse.

If your company does in-house crating, we have a very cost-saving and efficient solution. Custom crating kits can be designed and packaged so they can be assembled at your facility. This space-saving option enables you to remove each precut crating section for assembly. Kit sections are usually stacked and packaged in reverse order so the crate can be assembled from the bottom up.

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