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Custom Pallet Design

Custom Pallet Design Custom Pallet Design Custom Pallet Design Custom Pallet Design

New Pallet Design

Alliance Forest Products specializes in custom pallet design to meet virtually any shipping requirement, domestic or export. If your cargo requires a pallet or skid design in a specific or unique shape or size, we can accommodate you. From design to delivery we can provide the pallet design you need, at the lowest cost, with assurance your cargo will arrive at its final destination fully intact and damage-free. We offer our pallet and crating design services at no charge.

For new pallet design we utilize the PDS© (Pallet Design System) Software which we’ve licensed through the National Wood Pallet and Container Association. This software program is a 3-D design engineering tool specifically created for designing stringer and block wood pallets, with these functions:

Click here to view a PDS© pallet drawing

The PDS© (Pallet Design System) Software provides vital packaging and shipping information in extensive detail. That information also assists us to maximize design capabilities, reduce costs, and prevent damage during transit. It ensures that we design the exact and appropriate pallet to meet your specifications and requirements. This software tests, calculates and measures each pallet design for strength, stress and efficiency. It also:

PDS© (Pallet Design System) Software receives regular updates, and you can be assured Alliance Forest Products is using the latest version.

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