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On-Site Wood Recycling

Alliance On-Site

Wood Recycling Done at Your Facility

“Metro Milwaukee’s Answer
to Wood Waste Management”

Part of The Alliance Group of Companies

Alliance On-Site is the latest addition to the Alliance Group of Companies. Today, manufacturers nationwide are searching for the most viable, cost-effective and sustainable process to recycle scrap pallets, wood shipping boxes / crates and loose lumber. Virtually all of these companies have adopted a “green” agenda for all waste materials. They’ve also designed and currently maintain waste stream management reports and analyses with two primary objectives for their wood recycling program:

1. 100% sustainability, essentially no wood waste going to a landfill

2. To realize any possible wood recycling cost reductions

Unlike the recycling of aluminum, metal or plastic, there are few simple options or processes to recycle wood, making it a top priority. Currently a lot of the scrap pallets, wood crates and loose lumber are being disposed of in dumpsters. Doing so doesn’t meet most company’s waste stream objectives:

Disposing of wood in dumpsters appeared to be one of a few recycling options available . . .
until now!! Alliance On-Site, operating as a division of Alliance Forest Products, is

“Metro Milwaukee’s Answer to Wood Waste Management”


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